November 2019 Updates

November 30, 2019


Director of Creative Energy

November 2019 Updates

This month, I published six new open-source projects through the Vim Labs GitHub organization, working with Docusaurus, ReactJS, Material-UI, and GatsbyJS. In addition, I published two OpenAI deep-Q network reinforcement-learning projects with Tensorflow, along with an image classification application using Flutter and TensorflowLite, and an intentionally-bad UI demo in Unity3D. That's 10 repos in 4 weeks -- it's been a busy month!

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has-scroll-hook: A boolean scroll position React hook.

docusaurus-image-loader: A Docusaurus v2 plugin to support image files with a webpack url-loader and file-loader fallback.

vim-labs-website: Website for using Docusaurus v2.

gatsby-theme-sky-lite: A lightweight GatsbyJS theme base with Material-UI and MDX Markdown support.

gatsby-theme-sky-lite-starter: A lightweight GatsbyJS starter with Material-UI and MDX Markdown support.

materialui-pagination-component: A pagination component for Material-UI.

dqn_cartpole: Teaching A MellowMax Deep Q Neural Network How To Balance (OpenAI CartPoleV0).

dqn_cnn_mnist_gym: An OpenAI training gym environment for MNIST handwritten digit classification with a Deep-Q Agent and CNN Policy.

flutter_dinofinder: Dinosaur species image classification with TensorFlow Lite and Flutter.

VolumeNotchUI: An intentionally bad volume controller UI.

Welcome to Vim Labs

November 14, 2019


Director of Creative Energy

Welcome to the new Vim Labs website!

We needed a place to call home -- some space on the web where we could put a stake in the ground to communicate our vision, organize, and document the process. This is the spot!

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So, what is Vim Labs all about?

The Vim Labs project was founded by me, Ryan Bell. I've spent the last decade in the freelance design & development space in Las Vegas, NV, working with artists, musicians, and various corporate entities. It's been a fantastic way for me to stay nimble, explore many disciplines, and wear many hats.

Now, looking toward the horizon for 2020, I'd like to tackle bigger, bolder challenges, and transition most of my focus from client projects toward passion projects.

"Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda, Senior Web Developer

New beginnings

A community platform for ephemeral conversations, called Convvo, will be the application out of the new design laboratory.

Convvo Logo

More to come!

Additional resources

The source code for the page you're currently viewing is available right here:

This site uses a couple of Open Source npm modules published by Vim Labs:

This site was built with Docusaurus v2 using React. It's hosted with Netlify.